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7 Days of Fasting & Prayer Watch

777 Prayer WatchYou are encouraged to meet together with your small groups during this week (9/23-9/30) to pray for a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The Suggested Format for the 7 Days Fasting & Prayer Watch

Welcome/Introduction: 3 Minutes

Adoration/Praise-to praise, worship and adore God: 10 Minutes

Confession-In Dan. 9:4~16, we see Daniel’s example of corporate confession on behalf of God’s people. This is the type of confess what we’d like to focus on during this prayer time. However, the most important thing is to confess, silently (private nature sins) or publicly (James 5:16), as the Holy Spirit convicts. 5 Minutes

Supplication and Intercession:

To bless your own church pastor: 5~10 Minutes

 To have more blessings in his/her spiritual, mental and physical well-being

 To receive an unction from the Holy Spirit.

 The pastor’s family receive an unction from the Holy Spirit.

To bless your church : 5~10 Minutes

 You may refer to your church program praying list.

 Praying for the designated praying Mission Districts each night during the 7 days fasting & prayer watch.

To pray for Seven: 5~10 Minutes

 During these 7 days of prayer you are encouraged to especially intercede for seven people in your circle of influence.

To pray for yourself and your family: 5~10 Minutes.

To pray for your country and the global evangelism of the Church: 3~5 Minutes 

To read 【Darkness before Dawn

Thanksgiving: We end with thanksgiving, praising Him for what He’s done and looking forward in faith to what He will do. 3~5 Minutes

One thought on “7 Days of Fasting & Prayer Watch

  1. Don Robinson says:

    Greetings, Saints of the Host High.
    Let us continue to seek the heart of our loving Savior as we plead for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon us. Take time to connect with a friend or two, throughout the day and the rest of the week. Pray as if your life depends on it. Because it does!

    This morning’s reading comes from The Great Controversy, 531-550.
    What is the great lie that has led to all the suffering and misery we see in the world today? Who told that lie? And what is the hope that promises to end this catastrophe of evil?

    With the earliest history of man, Satan began his efforts to deceive our race. He who had incited rebellion in heaven desired to bring the inhabitants of the earth to unite with him in his warfare against the government of God. Adam and Eve had been perfectly happy in obedience to the law of God, and this fact was a constant testimony against the claim which Satan had urged in heaven, that God’s law was oppressive and opposed to the good of His creatures. And furthermore, Satan’s envy was excited as he looked upon the beautiful home prepared for the sinless pair. He determined to cause their fall, that, having separated them from God and brought them under his own power, he might gain possession of the earth and here establish his kingdom in opposition to the Most High.

    Had Satan revealed himself in his real character, he would have been repulsed at once, for Adam and Eve had been warned against this dangerous foe; but he worked in the dark, concealing his purpose, that he might more effectually accomplish his object. Employing as his medium the serpent, then a creature of fascinating appearance, he addressed himself to Eve: “Hath God said, ‘Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” Genesis 3:1. Had Eve refrained from entering into argument with the tempter, she would have been safe; but she ventured to parley with him and fell a victim to his wiles. It is thus that many are still overcome. They doubt and argue concerning the requirements of God; and instead of obeying the divine commands, they accept human theories, which but disguise the devices of Satan.

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