New Life International Church

About Us


“In His time” should be the theme song of New Life International SDA Church.

Nine years ago, God put a new vision in the hearts of several people on the same weekend.  Conversations in Bali, Indonesia and Pintung, Taiwan were the spark that created a fire of enthusiasm for English services for those who wanted to worship in English in Taipei.

Supposedly insurmountable obstacles had prevented us from considering it before.  The major question being “Where would we worship?”  Providentially God led us to and opened the way for us to begin worshiping in the auditorium in B-1 level of the Taiwan Adventist Hospital.

Soon the nucleus of international attendees from the Sung Shan Chinese church Adult English Sabbath School started to worship together in January of 2002.  People started coming!  Our numbers grew from an average of 20 to an average of 60 in the space of a few months.

John McGee, Church Planter, from NSD in Korea in April of 2002 held an island wide church planting seminar training us how to win souls.  We had nothing to start with.  We purchased Chinese/English Bibles; volunteers stepped forward to prepare music, to purchase the PA system, to run the PA system, to preach, to teach Sabbath School lessons, to start children’s Sabbath schools, to prepare fellowship lunches, and to do all the things churches do.  People who did not belong to the SDA Church helped also.

Through out these past 9 years God has brought people to New Life through various avenues. Through personal Bible studies, through friendship evangelism, through providential leadings, but most of all, by His Spirit.

In 2004 we were blessed with our first full time pastor. Ben Guerrero gave us much needed direction and friendship until 2006. In May of 2007 we were blessed with another Godly full time pastor, Robbie Berghan and his wife Rebeka who ably helped with his ministry. In July of 2011, a new pastor, Benjamin Ng, and his wife Hui Yee, lay all on the altar of sacrifice to become the third full time pastor of New Life. They were followed by pastor Jason Canfield and his family who were dedicated to forwarding the ministry. In 2017, Pastor Don Robinson and his family joined the New Life family and are continuing the work that began many years ago by faithful sentinels of the Lord’s army.

Today over 100 people join us each Sabbath for communion with God and each other.  For the future we know God will continue to lead us as He has led us in the past.  We look forward to new challenges and opportunities to spread His Good News.